. . . . and so we begin . . .

For perhaps two years, thanks to the encouragement of David Walker (who designed my website), I have considered starting a blog, using it as a place to talk about my work as a textile artist. Since I still am somewhat timid about matters technological, the decision came rather slowly. But come it did. Last evening, after I set up the site, I noticed a considerable sense of excitement at taking the step, and today as I worked in my studio I found myself thinking about what to say on this first day of December, a moment that signals the start of winter months and concentrated, undistracted creative work.

My primary work is handweaving, which I’ve been engaged in since about 1982. I knit every day of my life, a practice established during my college years. The contemporary quilts I focused on for about seven years have taken a back seat to the resurgence of full-time weaving. My equipment is two computer-assisted looms, one of which will soon be replaced with a different one. The week’s work schedule runs from Monday through Saturday midday as a standard practice, with an occasional day of goofing off. I completely love what I do.

Because much of the process of weaving is technical or mechanical and repetitive, my mind is free to wander, both into ideas for future work and into areas of thought unconnected to what my hands are engaged in. This is, in my opinion, one of the joys of solitary work. I can think. My expectation is that this blog will give me a place to crystallize and share my thoughts about my work, the world around me, and anything that for some reason catches my attention. My hope is that a few others will find it of interest.

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One thought on “. . . . and so we begin . . .

  1. I am SO much looking forward to your posts here, Anne. Your annual newsletters reveal mysteries of your professional life that will be wonderful to read more frequently! ~Margaret

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