Clearly, my plan to write twice a week is being honored more in the breach than the observance. Still, this makes twice this month, so perhaps that’s progress.

However, the forward movement I’m more enthusiastic about today is that I’ve finally begun threading heddles on Sally, taking a break from awkward posture to hunker over this computer. (I’ll need a massage after all this!) It’s taken a while to get the suggestions and information I needed to proceed with warping this loom, and Janis Saunders has been cheerfully helpful and encouraging. So earlier this week, I finished sleying the reed, then (after a refresher phone call with Janis) I got the harnesses raised and stabilized so I can thread a sixteen-shaft straight twill, on which I will ring a number of changes, one for each of the five scarves to be woven. I expect to get about half done with the threading today, and should be able to finish on Monday. The rest of the warping is pretty easy sailing, and will probably be finished by the middle of next week, which means that I’ll finally begin weaving off this gorgeous series. I’ve got all the patterns designed, and some of the weft yarns chosen. I’m excited.

I’ll write again when the threading is completed.

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  1. Hope you get that massage, Anne. Can't wait till the weather is cooler so that I can wear my new Anne Davenport scarf……..Shirley

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