Starting Hot Stuff

Yesterday I delivered some new work to Raven Rocks Gallery — two “Summer Flowers” scarves and one “Lava Flow” shawl.  With Lynne’s help, we got them well displayed on my rack there, and I dutifully did the inventory paperwork.  It was a gorgeous late Autumn afternoon, so I drove home by a roundabout route, following only side roads and dawdling happily along.

Today the next round of new work begins.  This is “Hot Stuff” on the warping board — seven yards of it.  It’s a hand-dyed cotton/rayon I’ve had for years that I’ve been reluctant to use because it’s pretty strong.  But now, with a long grey wet winter approaching, it seems like just the ticket for me and for prospective purchasers.  And here it is all nicely choke-tied and chained up, ready to put on the loom:

It doesn’t look as intense on my computer screen as it does in the flesh, but I assure you that it’s lively indeed.  This warp will produce three scarves, each woven with a different weft yarn (I think they’ll all be tencel or bamboo) and each with a different pattern.  In thirty years of weaving, I’ve never done the same thing twice; every item is unique.  This practice ensures that I don’t get bored with my work . . . .


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