Introducing Merlot

I’d like you to meet what’s perhaps the best work I’ve done so far — The Merlot Series.  Four scarves with a 100% bamboo warp, three with tencel wefts and one (#3) with a pearl cotton weft.  (And before we go further, you should know that said #3 has already gone to a new home.)

Here’s #1 ~

And then #2 ~

The illustrious #3 ~

And last but by no means least, #4 ~

And then, because it’s fun to see how they are similar to and different from each other, a couple more pictures of combinations —

That’s #1 (my favorite) and #4 together.  Below you can see #2 and #3 snuggled up with each other.

The luster and drape of these scarves is wonderful.  They glow in the light, and wrap softly around one’s neck ever so seductively.



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3 thoughts on “Introducing Merlot

  1. Just beautiful!

  2. Margaret E.

    What a yummy series!
    (Bob T., you may NOT snack upon these. Just remember, Dye = Die.)
    On the other hand, wouldn’t I like to have a couple glasses of these Merlots after dinner…

  3. Bamboo!!!!!

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