This Bamboo Is Not Green

For some time now, a time extended unduly by a considerable amount of frittering (sigh . . . .), I’ve been working on getting a Big Warp onto Beulah.  It’s the widest warp I’ve done in several years (at least), and is made up of 516 strands of pure bamboo.  See?


Oh.  It looks grey.  It’s not — it’s a soft cream color, darker than ecru, but lighter than tan.  Lustrous and drapey.  That picture is of the entire width at the back of the loom as I’m winding it all (8.5 yards) onto the warp beam, so it’s not yet under tension.

This will turn out to be three big shawls, one a commission for a long-time customer, the other two for my inventory.  Those two will end up at about 30 inches wide by 84 inches long, plus fringe.

Here’s what the threads look like up top as they head for the heddles, where you can see a hint of the threading sequence.  (The threading took a long time. Long.)


My afternoon is going to be taken up with a meeting and then (oh joy!) a massage, but tomorrow I’ll be able to begin weaving the first shawl; it’ll be in an elegant, geometric plaited twill variation that I designed especially for this piece.  The other two will each have their own (different) patterns.  It’s going to be good to be throwing the shuttle again.

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