Tied Up and Ready To Go

Yesterday I had to stop the final stages of the warping process for the bamboo shawl warp so I could go and do other nice stuff.  Today, thanks to no interruptions and only one significant goof, I’ve finished getting this lovely smooth warp ready to weave on.  There were three stages ~

That’s one-inch bundles of warp threads (16 threads each) tied in an overhand knot which won’t let go later on when everything is under considerable tension.  Lovely little guys, aren’t they??!

Now the entire width of the warp is lashed, bundle by bundle, to the front apron rod (yes, there’s a bit of weaverish jargon here) using a strong, heavy cotton cord.  This allows me to shift the warp tension across the full width bit by bit merely by slightly moving the cord where either more or less tension is needed.  The desired result is a fairly even tension all the way across, not always easily achieved but devoutly to be wished.  If it’s uneven, the woven cloth will not be as consistent and structurally sound as it should be, and the weaving process itself may be hampered.  Even tension is A Good Thing indeed.

Finally, I wound several bobbins of a smooth, pure white mercerized cotton for the weft for the first shawl, and popped one of them into my favorite cherry-wood boat shuttle, ready to begin.  I’ll let everything sit now until Monday, the warp under tension so that if there are still irregularities I can find them more easily when the threads have stayed taut for a while.  I’ll re-adjust as needed before starting the actual weaving. The most time-intensive part of the process is now complete.

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One thought on “Tied Up and Ready To Go

  1. Betsy the sister

    While I am sure I wouldn’t be able to do anything at all toward stringing a loom from this description, I do find reading the explanation very interesting and informative. I also am sure I would not enjoy that work. But my goodness, what beautiful things emerge from the process, and I appreciate being able to get a hint of it all through the pictures and words.

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