Pearly Whites

A quick look at the pattern and texture of the shawl I’ve now finished.  Bamboo warp, pearl cotton weft.  Sixteen-shaft plaited twill variation.

Here’s another angle on it ~

All the threads will relax and snuggle together once this is off the loom, washed vigorously, dried and ironed to within an inch of its life.  Its owner is going to be very happy and oh so elegant when she wears it at her daughter’s wedding this summer.

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4 thoughts on “Pearly Whites

  1. Judy Richlin

    This is stunning. Hope you can get – and post – a photo of it being worn.

  2. Wanda A Williams

    Simply outstanding Anne. Wow, I am so in awe of your increasing out of this world TALENT!

  3. I agree with Margaret! Bamboo!

  4. Margaret Elwood


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