Struggling with Names

The golden ecru bamboo warp I’ve been working on for a while is now two-thirds finished.  I still haven’t got a name for this series that I’m happy with.  Here are the first two pieces, still on the loom under tension ~

That’s  a pure white pearl cotton used for the weft yarn, in a variant of a plaited twill.

And here’s the second one I’ve finished ~

This is a pale taupe rayon chenille for the weft, in a curvy twill sashaying from side to side along the length (90 inches) of the shawl.  The third one will be another elongated curvy twill, with possibly a natural bombyx silk for the weft, if I have enough of it.

The best idea I’ve had so far for the series is “Cream Puff”, and I’m not happy with that.  Can anyone help me with some other suggestions?  If I use your idea, I promise to give you due and proper credit in this blog and on my Facebook page (RainShadow Textiles).

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4 thoughts on “Struggling with Names

  1. Judy Richlin

    Natural Curves?

  2. Nope. Not there yet. I’d like it to be descriptive, short, avoiding cute. These are elegant pieces, and deserve appropriate nomenclature. A recent series of similar scarves was called Vanilla Creme, so something of that ilk.

  3. Linn

    How about ‘A Touch of Meringue’ ?

  4. Margaret E.

    Cloud Nine?

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