From Order to Chaos to Order

First, a last quick look at something previously seen ~

A sidelong view of the Precious Metals scarves, and above them the two Creme Brulee shawls, with several other earthy neutral scarves at the bottom.  I’m exceedingly pleased with those four PM beauties.

Now on to the next challenge — the Time Warp shawl series.  Here’s where the title above comes into play as I work my way through the process of getting this old but lovely warp onto the loom so I can weave it.

Orderly warp chains (three of them), made up of doubled threads — three combinations.

Looks pretty messy, I know.  Chaotic, even.  But never fear — order will prevail in due time.

About a third of the threading is done — it’s a slow process, as I’m doing a complex advancing twill threading, and each space in the reed (that comb-like metal thingie) has two doubled threads in it.  Tangles happen and have to be un-happened.  But you can see that all those shiny skinny threads are being persuaded to behave and proceed smoothly toward the back of the loom.

The saga will continue . . . .

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