Pleased. Satisfied. Happy.

The work on Time Warp is moving forward more smoothly and expeditiously than I had feared it would, based on my experience with the warping process.  Only one broken thread so far, and I’m nearly halfway through the eight and a half yards of warp.

Here’s the midpoint of shawl #1, where I put the loom into reverse (yes, I really did) and wove the second half as a mirror image of the first.  Why? you may ask.  Simple — if I hadn’t, the two ends would not have matched, and while I’m fond of asymmetry, this is not where I wanted it.

I finished weaving that one yesterday, and prepared it for the beaded hemstitching which I do at the end of each scarf and shawl I make.  Here it is, all ready for that process ~

At the end of 86 inches of pattern weave, I shift to plain weave (aka tabby), put in one strand of a nice fat cord to create a space, and then do about three-eighths of an inch of plain weave using the weft yarn , in this case a midnight blue tencel,  Then I select coordinating beads, thread a long doubled hunk of weft yarn into a small tapestry needle, and go to work.  Here you can see it completed — all neat and tidy.

It’s painstaking, a wee bit tedious, and requires concentration.  It also takes quite a span of time.  But I love how it looks, and I love the almost-secret surprise it adds to every piece I weave.  Lots of times, people don’t even know it’s there unless I point it out.

Today I dug in, and after thoroughly cleaning off my work table (nope, no photos — too embarrassing), I got a good start on Time Warp #2.  It’s being woven with a dusty burgundy tencel, in a more complicated pattern than the first one, and is already a quarter done.

It’s a glorious sunny afternoon, with a light breeze from the North, temperature about 70.  Time to knock off here and get outside to enjoy it.

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8 thoughts on “Pleased. Satisfied. Happy.

  1. Margaret Elwood

    Zowie! This was worth all those broken threads. Nice going, Ms. Energizer!!!

    • I suppose one could say that having to suffer through all the broken threads in the warping process makes this smooth weaving all the sweeter. I’m relieved that I’m not having lots more, but the even tension I’ve established seems to be keeping everything behaving nicely.

  2. Hope

    The shimmery sheen so accents the complexity of the fabric texture. Surely this is my favorite!!! Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that amazing things can happen when you play around long enough with ideas, possibilites, color, threads and imagination! Thanks so much!

    Hope Pratt

    • Some wise person once opined that in order to become truly skillful and knowledgeable in your chosen craft/art, you have to put in 10,000 hours at it. I suspect I’ve done that, and then some. And like the Energizer Bunny — still going . . . .

  3. Betsy Davenport

    That is purely beautiful.

    • Oh thanks! It’s good to know that a discerning individual sees it like I do.

      • She’s right. It is beautiful, especially #2. How I envy your patience and concentration. My attention span lasts for 4-5 inches, hence crazy quilt embroidery for me.

      • And I wouldn’t be able to sustain the kind of attention you manage for all those wonderfully complex stitches. It’s good there’s need in the world for both of us!

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