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The current project, of designing and weaving a beautiful throw for a client, started with the fabric samples ~

Subtle colors, lovely fabrics, interesting textures.  Working with my friend the dyer at The Drop Spindle, I chose several yarns, sent her the fabric samples, and after discussing color emphasis, she dyed the yarns to my order.  Here they are, after being measured out on the warping board to six-yard lengths and chained up to keep everything manageable and untangled ~

There are three different yarns there, with one of them in two slightly different shades.  Hard to tell, I know, but trust me on this.  This means that operationally there are four yarns I’m using in the warp for the project; they’ll be distributed randomly across the width of the warp — a technique I’ve used often over the years.  Here’s another, closer, look at them ~

These soft colors are a challenge to photograph perfectly, but I think you can see the variation in color, shade and texture.  Fiber content is rayon, silk and cotton;  the resulting cloth will be lustrous and textured, and will drape beautifully.

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