A Little Side Trip

A few months ago, I bought back my original small floor loom from the woman I’d sold it to five years ago.  She hadn’t used it, and didn’t expect to.  I’m in the process of de-cluttering and reorganizing what I call the “back room” to turn it into a teaching space.  I’ll use the Baby Wolf as my instructional loom — my computer-assisted looms are hardly the right tool for a neophyte to learn on!

For the purpose of re-acquainting myself with the mechanics of this loom, I’m putting a short warp on it, which I’ll weave off as two very pretty scarves.

It’s five yards long, a hand-dyed rayon boucle — lots of texture and color.  What you see above is a portion of the entire warp chain after it was measured out on the warping board.  Here it is up close and personal ~

I like this a lot — these are not colors I work with very often, so this series will be a nice break from finer threads and deeper, darker colors.

It has also occurred to me that pictures of an empty loom wouldn’t be nearly as enticing to a prospective student as pictures of a loom with lively colors at work.  Further, with the annual Whidbey Open Studio Tour coming up on October 6 and 7, a working loom (not a lazy one) is much more interesting for visitors to see and maybe even try out.


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