Lively Lobelia

Recently I wrote about the beginning of a bamboo-warp series of scarves that I decided to name the Lobelia Series.  I’ve made progress on it, and the first of four is nearly finished.  Here are two shots — the first straight on, where the pattern (oh my, the pattern!) is a bit subtle.  The second is from a sharp angle, showing both the “front” of the cloth, and down below the “back” of it.  Here the pattern, though distorted by the angles, is bolder and (on occasion) looks like a fancified “Tumbling Blocks” quilt design.  The weft yarn is a fine tencel in eggplant purple, and the pattern repeat is 240 threads, which works out (as I’m weaving it) to about ten inches. 


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7 thoughts on “Lively Lobelia

  1. Lynne

    Yowzer, this is beautiful! Looks like you’re weaving a spring garden (or perhaps it’s my wishful thinking and over-active imagination compensating for the immense stretch of whiteness around me…).

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!! You should be very proud! What color weft will you use in the remaining three?

    • Hi Barb ~ One (the commission one) will be a soft blue-purple, one will be an intense blue-violet (called Iris), and the last may be black. Or something else I don’t yet know what. All in 8/2 tencel, so they’ll all shimmer very nicely and show off the advancing twill patterns. Thanks for your question.

      How’s YOUR weaving going??

      Warmly, Anne.

      Anne Niles Davenport

      RainShadow Textiles

      Whidbey Island, Washington

      (360) 331-5997

  3. Hope Pratt

    I have never, ever, seen such elegance, suble colorwork, patterning on anything before. Great balls of fire, you are so exquisitely good! hp.

  4. betsydavenport

    Yowzzah! That is not my color, but the pattern showing up like that in the second picture is really something.

  5. Not my color, but the second picture is amazing. Verrry cool.

  6. Fran Abel

    This is a beautiful pattern. Very unusual and elegant.

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