Progress in Spite Of

There’s been quite a bit of Life In The Way of creative work lately — a two-week visit from a family member, appointments to take Himself to, dogs to get to the vet, a sick cat.  I’ve managed to eke out studio time most days, but often abbreviated hours.  Still, I’ve made progress on both looms, one of which I’ll tease you with today and save the other for later in the week.

Here’s the Coyote Series #2 scarf on the loom ~

2010-05-21 01.19.50

You can faintly see the patterning.  Faintly indeed.  Another view ~

2010-05-09 05.31.12

The weft yarn in this one is a warm taupe bamboo, very shiny and soft.  Now here’s Coyote Series #3 ~

2010-05-21 01.18.59

On this one, the weft is a medium grey pearl cotton, also lustrous though not quite as soft as the bamboo, so this scarf will have a bit more body and less drape.  Finally, another view of this one, looked at sideways in hopes of seeing the oh-so-subtle complex pattern ~

2010-05-21 01.19.37

This one is will be finished tomorrow, after which there will be one more.  To be continued . . . .

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2 thoughts on “Progress in Spite Of

  1. Just effing beautiful.

  2. Margaret E.

    Howlingly beautiful. A-WOOOOOOOO!

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