Rolling Right Along

Throughout these quintessentially Maritime Northwest spring days, I’ve been working on two fronts.  The first is preparing for my first monthly Open Studio/House day this Saturday, April 26 (11:00 to 4:00).  Here’s a look at a new installation, so I can be found ~

P1010253Needless to say, this will say OPEN on Saturday.  In addition, lots of front garden clean-up and re-structuring — removal of vast swathes of rampant dwarf bamboo, and the construction of defined areas for future planting of my roses, once it’s certain the bamboo is truly gone.  That back-breaking work was accomplished by Joe Luxton and his sidekick Matt.  I love how thorough and persistent they were.   The sign was done by Mike O’Neill of Symbols and Signs here on South Whidbey; I’m so pleased with it.

The second front is evident in these photos of the first four (of five) of the Dancing Colors series of scarves.  You saw the starting parts a couple of blog posts back.

P1010225Number 1 — weft is a deep dusty rose tencel

P1010249Number 2 — weft is an intense red-violet tencel

P1010259Number 3 — weft is a subtle periwinkle tencelP1010265


Number 4 — weft is a rich burnt orange tencel

The final one will be woven with a slightly muted teal tencel.  All of them shimmer beautifully in the bright lights I’ve attached to the loom for excellent visibility, and they’ll do the same once washed and ironed smooth, draped around the necks and shoulders of fortunate new owners.

If you’d like to come for a visit on Saturday, put a note in the Comments section, and I’ll send you the address and directions, and welcome you gladly at my front door.

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7 thoughts on “Rolling Right Along

  1. Noel

    as always – beautiful work Anne! The scarves (digging the burnt orange one!), the new sign (love it!!) and the clearing of the bamboo! I know first hand the difficulty in that task! WTG – miss you!

  2. Cheryl Schaefer

    quite wonderful

    Cheryl Schaefer Schaefer Yarn Outlet 3514 Kellys Corners Rd Interlaken NY 14847 607-532-9452

  3. So far, you’re right, Shirl, but the teal one may steal my heart away from #4.

  4. Please send me address and directions, Anne. I’d love to come and admire your wonderful work!

  5. Barbara Joy Laffey

    Looking forward to seeing you again – it’s been ages!

  6. Shirley Baker

    Beautiful!. If you have a favourite, I am guessing No. 4…..


  7. Ah, Anne,
    You are doing this so nicely and wisely. Do send on directions in case I get a chance to get there.
    Terrific outreach, girl.
    DIane R.

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