Life’s Little Pleasures

Anyone who knows me (and some who don’t) knows that I totally love cats.  And that I have two of my own, my constant companions waking and sleeping.  Not such a little pleasure as a steady one.  Or rather, two.

Here’s Kalima, now a few days short of six months, graduated from kittenhood into gangly adolescent ~

P1010268Her odd markings are becoming more pronounced, especially on her face and ears.

And lest anyone should have been concerned that Pikake would have trouble accepting the little devil-cat into the household, here’s information to allay your worries ~

P1010271And yet another reassurance ~

P1010272Snoozing on the couch in the sunshine.  Oblivious to my leaning in close with the camera.  What’s not to love??

Yes, they are an integral part of my life as a weaver.  Just not part of the weaving itself.

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6 thoughts on “Life’s Little Pleasures

  1. Jeff

    WOW!!! Such beautiful “neko`s”. Shadow and Luna-chan used to do that, but Luna is now a wild & crazy teenager and wants her own space and direction…and poor Shadow is just beside herself, always looking for Luna who is too busy bringing deadly snakes into the house and turning them loose…I`m still trying to pull Gyoko off the ceiling!

  2. Claudia Fuller

    Your photos make me smile. Thanks for sharing them Anne.

  3. Shirley, I thought you’d agree that pictures of kittencats are never TOO sweet!

  4. Shirley Baker

    okay, this is too sweet. thanks for sharing those pics!


  5. On cats and weaving, can’t we order a special custom weave that includes cat hair???
    Great photos! Diane

    • I can’t decide whether to say you can order it but you won’t get it, OR everything I weave has at least a smidgen of cat hair in it. Which isn’t the same as a “special custom weave” but ought to be close enough. Even for you, Diane!

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