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Being sick is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Or maybe it is.  I can’t really tell.  That’s one of the problems with being sick — not being able to think very clearly.  Over a week into a nasty slam-dunk of a Spring cold, unaccustomed as I am, today I’m starting to feel like I might shake it in another week or so.  Forced rest is what it’s been, something my friends assure me is long overdue (the rest, not necessarily the forcible part), and at times I’ve come close to enjoying it.  Enough, at least, to have begun thinking how I might ensure a regular Day of Rest in my life for long stretches of reading and daydreaming.  No clear ideas yet.

A little while back, I finished off the Dancing Colors scarves, and got them washed and dried.  here they are, hung out to dry on the front porch ~

P1010275And a close-up of the last two, the orange-weft one and the teal-weft one ~

P1010278They’re still waiting to be ironed and detailed, which will get done in the next few days now that I’m functional again.  They’ll be available for purchase at my next Saturday Open Studio, on May 31, from 11:00 to 4:00.  Or sooner, if you’re interested.

A few days ago, I rose from my sickbed (oh the drama!!), took camera in hand, and went outside to photograph something pretty special.

P1010287This is Clematis ‘Kiri Te Kanawa’, which I got a number of years ago from Cultus Bay Nursery here on Whidbey Island.  There’s a second one blooming right now (though not so prolifically) on the perimeter fence along the side road.  Here she is up close and personal ~

P1010286Exquisite, subtle shading, huge blooms maybe six inches across, every detail pure perfection.  Guaranteed to lift one’s spirits and provide an unequivocal reminder of the world’s beauty.

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