Getting It Done

P1010314This was part of the scene on my big north deck yesterday.  These are the five Grey Scale scarves, off the loom and freshly washed, hung out in the fresh air to dry.  Reading from top to bottom, left to right (like a book), the weft colors are black, ruby red, silver grey, cobalt blue and eggplant purple.  The patterns in each are different as well, some more apparent than others, and after ironing may show up more clearly as the light hits the threads at varying angles.  Here they are up close and personal, still on the loom as the weaving progressed ~






The bumps you see are part of a very shiny rayon slub yarn, and they’re even more apparent now that the scarves have been washed, which allowed the threads to relax and place themselves more naturally in relation to each other.  The fabrics are soft, textured and (the essential characteristic) gooshy in the hand.

The man who placed the commission order that led to this group gets first pick; after that, they’re available to the general public.  Let me know if you’re interested.

Next up — a run of seven large, intricately patterned, lively kitchen towels, called the Cranberry Series.  Photos soon.


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2 thoughts on “Getting It Done

  1. Claudia

    Lovely, lovely, oh so VERY lovely. Think the cobalt is my favorite

  2. Margaret Elwood

    Beautiful! I especially love the black one.

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