En Avant!

You remember what a mess I had (or at least it looked that way) the last time I wrote.  Things look very different now.

P1010330That’s 466 cotton warp threads (the lengthwise ones) heading from the back of the loom to the front, with the heddles in the background.  Each thread goes through one heddle, all threaded one by one.  Not a speedy process.

P1010331At the side of the loom, near the front.  All the threads neatly tied into one-inch bundles (24 threads each) and then lashed to the stainless steel apron rod with a heavy cotton cord.  Another view ~

P1010333From directly in front of the loom.  The lashing makes it easy (relatively) to adjust the warp tension across the warp so it’s evenly firm everywhere — an essential foundation for smooth professional weaving.

And finally, a follow-up (two, actually) to the towel-wrapped messy warp in the last post ~

P1010336Kalima, in one of her favorite daytime nests.  You can see why I keep the old beach towel cover on top of the weaving.

P1010337Wishing I would stop with that black clicking thing in her face so she can return to her peaceful comfortable slumber.

Next time ~ pictures of towels as they’re being woven.  Some are already reserved.

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3 thoughts on “En Avant!

  1. such a sweet kitty. I can’t wait to meet her one day!

  2. Margaret Elwood

    That’s a LOT of work! And Princess Kalima just sits there like she owns the whole thing.

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