Speeding Along

Yesterday (Sunday) I took the seven towels off the loom, having just finished the weaving the previous afternoon.  Here they are, on the loom, in the order in which they were woven ~

#1 — woven with a natural unbleached cotton

P1010352#2 — woven with a bright golden yellow (for my sister)

P1010356#3 — woven with an intense cobalt blue (also for my sister)P1010349#4 — woven with a clay-toned cottonP1010362#5 — woven with a bright orange cotton

P1010368#6 — woven with antique gold cotton

P1010371#7 — woven with a clear medium blue cotton

P1010378And finally, the end of the line.  These knots (though from this angle it’s hard to tell) are only about five inches from the steel rod, the closest I’ve ever come to the end of a warp.  A little too close, really, as the last six inches of the weaving were consequently difficult — a technical matter which I’ll spare you.


I spent a quiet couple of hours after they were off the loom cutting them apart, folding over the three inch hem sections and pinning them in preparation for tiny tight hand hemming stitches.  It’s slow, but makes a finish far nicer (in my thinking) than machine hemming for such handsome towels.  After hemming, they’ll go into the washing machine and the dryer, then be smoothed into their final form under a hot iron.  More pictures will be forthcoming at that point.




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6 thoughts on “Speeding Along

  1. Gail C

    Those are beautiful. Can you tell me the draft you used? I probably don’t have enough shafts on my loom, but thought I’d ask anyway. Love your cats.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Gail. It’s “only” an 8-shaft pattern, one I designed myself using WeavePoint, essentially a variation of an advancing twill threading. I say “only” because my loom is a 16-harness AVL computer-assisted production dobby, which I love. Also, each of the three scarves has a different treadling/liftplan so the patterns are unique. Let me know if you want more information on them. And yes, the kittencats are lovely indeed!

  2. I like the pattern of #4 — woven with a clay-toned cotton. You do beautiful work Anne!

  3. amax909

    Well I was going to comment but it’s a pain to go that route. What I said but couldn’t post was it was a treat to see the whole process from warp to finished weaving. And ditto to the comment about different weft colors make all the difference


  4. Margaret Elwood

    I definitely like #1 if it’s available. Not sure but I’m liking #4 or #7 next. Can I wait for the promised additional pictures to decide? Thanks. xo me

  5. Sue Waters

    Amazing how color changes everything! Great job

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