Fireworks All done

When last I wrote, I left you with a tease about the third and final scarf on the razzle-dazzle Fireworks warp.  Here’s the real thing, several views, as the colors change so much that each section looks quite different from the previous and succeeding ones ~

P1010427Another angle on that section ~

P1010431Farther along ~

P1010434And a different angle on that ~

P1010438You can see how significant the change is from the first two to the last ones.  Now here’s a very casual look at all three off the loom and draped over the couch ~

P1010441And a closer look ~

P1010442Pretty dang gorgeous, I must say, and way more so in the flesh (as it were).  They have a nice weighty hand, great luster, fabulous color.  I’m thrilled with them.  Now they get washed, hung out to dry, and then ironed vigorously.  They’ll have formal portraits taken on July 30, some of which I’ll show in this blog.

I’ve already begun the next series, which I’m calling the Porphyry Series (look it up!).  Three scarves with 100% bamboo warp, tencel wefts, and very fancy patterning.  Visuals in a few days . . . .

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3 thoughts on “Fireworks All done

  1. Claudia

    Oh Anne, you are such a wonderful fiber artist as well as a great wordsmith. I love seeing what you create and reading your words. Thanks for the gift of your talents.

  2. Gail Allison

    Wondering what the weft fiber and color? Simply stunning!

    • Warp is 100% rayon, a textured slightly crinkly yarn. Wefts for all three — each a different color — are 100% tencel. It’s a great combination, resulting in wonderful intense color, plenty of shimmer, and a soft yet firm drapey hand. Thanks for asking!

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