I love deep intense color.  I also love complex yet subtle patterning.  So this past week I’ve been indulging both those loves with a new series of scarves I’m calling the Porphyry Series.  They came off the loom today; these photos, however were taken as I worked my way along the eight yards of glorious purple bamboo warp.

The first, with a red-purple tencel weft ~


P1010452The second, with a teal tencel weft ~


P1010453And finally, the third, woven with an intense blue-violet tencel weft ~


P1010459They’ll get hand-washed first thing tomorrow, then hung outside on my old wooden drying rack till they’re just barely damp, and ironed utterly smooth.  I’ll trim fringes, check for any dangling threads, and they’ll be ready for their professional photo shoot (along with the three Fireworks scarves) on Wednesday morning.

P.S.  The second one is already sold.  If you want one, let me know quickly.  I don’t think these are going to spend much time in my inventory!  Self-indulgence is A Very Good Thing . . . .


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2 thoughts on “Self-Indulgence

  1. Shirley Baker

    Gorgeous! And I agree, these won’t last long. Lots of people adore purple!

  2. Margaret Elwood

    For you, self-indulgence of your creativity is indeed a Very Good Thing. Those are absolutely beautiful.

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