Moving on from Proscrastination

Maybe it can be called lollygagging.  Or taking a break.  Or healing from those unpleasant injuries.  In any case, not much Real Work got done around here for something like ten days, until suddenly a few days ago I realized the month was half gone and I hadn’t gotten any weaving done.  Just fiddling along at putting a new — and many-threaded — warp on the loom.  That wake-up turned the tide (and yes, I know I’m mixing my metaphors).

So in a sustained effort, things went from this ~


to this ~


and then yesterday to this ~


and that seen up close and personal ~


This is a 50/50 linen and cotton warp in a soft shade of teal green, with a tiny bit of texture from the way it’s spun.  482 threads total, set at 24 threads per inch across the width.  Another run of kitchen towels, with the timeless elegance and durability of linen.  This first one is woven with a medium blue cotton, which as you can see shows the pattern only subtly.  Today I finished that one, and wove this one ~


And here it is, close to ~


The weft on this one is a rich burgundy shade of cotton, same pattern as the first one.  It’s not  usually my practice to repeat a pattern in a series of pieces like this, but this one is so interesting I couldn’t resist.  The effect in each of the two towels is quite different — subtle in one, bold in the other — and I like this contrast so much that I’m going to follow the same theme in the other two pairs of towels remaining in the series.  More photos as I go along.

And because pictures of cute cats are always popular, here’s one from a few days ago — Kalima in her new nest ~


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