Story Time

Some months ago, I (intentionally) unearthed a prepared warp I’d put together in late 1994.  Really.  It has traveled with me ever since, the intention being to weave a length of fabric with it.  I did not; here’s part of what I did ~

1A6A8437When, with the good sense acquired by an additional nineteen years of weaving, I looked at my notes for this warp, it was obvious to me that any cloth woven as I’d planned would best be described as sleazy.  Not at all what I wanted in early 2014.  So I reworked all the calculations and design, developed a far more interesting pattern using my design software, and went to work.

1A6A8440There are three very fine rayon yarns in the warp — rose, burgundy, and what I call French blue.  Each individual warp “thread” is actually two of those yarns run together, so that across the width of the warp the sequence goes rose/blue to rose/burgundy to burgundy/blue.  The pairs are blended where the changes take place so the transitions are (relatively) unnoticeable.  This was the plan I had years ago, but with the doubled threads set farther apart than I did in the end.  The passage of time, and the accretion of experience, had given me better information about what would work well with these very slippery shiny threads.

1A6A8446Three elegant shawls (approximately two feet by seven feet, plus fringe)  resulted from this marriage of color and pattern, two of which sold even before they were off the loom.  The one pictured here is still in my inventory, available for purchase.

1A6A8569The fabric is gooshy (my favorite term for the kind of cloth I aim to create), lustrous, and lightweight.  A perfect Autumn or Spring extra layer.

1A6A8577I could not possibly have produced something so complex or so structurally sound in 1994.  Hence, the title of the series — Time Warp.

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7 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. Janice DeCooman

    Have you sold the third shawl? Please let me know Thank you~Janice

  2. Cullen McEwing

    Have found you again your work is awesome as usual. am interested in your latest creation Perhaps you will respond to my e-mail

    • Cullen, it’s wonderful to realize you found me again, and to hear from you. It’s been a loooooooonnngggg time!! Back in touch — what could be better??!!

  3. Shirley Baker

    Oh, I can see why you have sold two already. These are gorgeous colors!


  4. amax909


  5. Fran Abel

    We’re not getting older we’re getting better!

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