Day Tripping

Have I mentioned that I love fog?  I also love Autumn.  Yesterday I got both, and enjoyed them immensely as I made a road trip north to Anacortes on Fidalgo Island to rendezvous with a dear friend who drove down from British Columbia.  For me, it’s about a sixty-mile trip, up to the top end of Whidbey Island, over the Deception Pass bridge and onto Fidalgo.  The fog was so thick under the bridge going up that the water way below was invisible, as were most of the headlands on both sides.  I took my usual back way into Anacortes, off to the west from the main road and up over the shoulder of Mount Erie, which is the star of the Anacortes Community Forest, heavily wooded and with at least two lakes within its confines.  I stopped at Heart Lake, where John and the dogs and I always used to pause for all of us to have a walkabout and enjoy the serenity of that lovely spot.

P1010610I had forgotten that after the long dry summer, the lake always has quite a crop of greenery on its surface.  The fog is visible draped over the side of Mount Erie in the background.

P1010614Even with the green stuff, it’s still one of the loveliest places I know on Fidalgo; I had it all to myself for a little while.

After a foray in the yarn store, including a modest purchase of yarn to make myself a vest which looks like a puzzle, Shirley and I had a leisurely and delicious lunch at a restaurant we hadn’t visited before, with plenty to talk about and chuckle over in our respective lives.  We’ve been friends for something like 23 years, and have never ceased to enjoy each other.  After fond mid-afternoon farewells, she headed back north and I began my slow way homeward.

My first stop was at the old ‘D’ Avenue Nursery on the outskirts of town, another place where John and I always poked around when we went up there.  I found a number of interesting perennials which will do well in this now mostly shade garden, at a hefty end-of-season discount.  Good fun!

Then on to a small park on the west side of the island, again a spot where we used to stop to give the dogs a run.  Beautiful Douglas Firs, afternoon sun slanting through.

P1010616P1010619Then on around the south side of Fidalgo, and a stop at Pass Lake just north of the Deception Pass Bridge.  Perfect conditions for reflection, with the persistent wisps of fog adding an extra element of beauty ~

P1010621P1010626P1010628The fog was still thick on the west side of the bridge as I drove over, but on the east side it had thinned sufficiently so that I could see the corruscated surface implying the treacherous currents of the rising tide far below.

Farther south, at San de Fuca, just north of Coupeville, there’s another spot we sometimes stopped for a bit of canine exercise.  This time, I took all the time I wanted to enjoy it in solitude; it’s a lovely place, and the sound of the nearby highway traffic is inconsequential in the face of this ~

P1010629P1010632P1010635P1010638This was the first trip I’ve taken in at least a couple of years that was purely for pleasure, the first trip I’ve taken in my “new” Honda Element (named Henrietta), the farthest I’ve driven in a single day in several years, and, though punctuated with poignant memories, reminded me of my desire to go on some longer road trips in the near future.  Plans brewing.

Today I got back to work, refreshed and energized.

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5 thoughts on “Day Tripping

  1. Fran Abel

    I’m in the fog too, here in Mendicino, CA, so your descriptions delighted me. Having one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had in this sweet internet cafe. Beach walks later in the day.

  2. Claudia

    What a sweet road trip – lovely photos and reflections of your day. I, too, love the fog adding its wisps to familiar places.

  3. Sue Waters

    Wow, although I recently started to follow your blog the thought that you lived on ‘our island’, Whidbey: paradise for us! ( we’ve been here almost 3 years and still feel awe and wonder of choosing to live here.) Lo and behold it was heart warming to believe that we share more than textile fiber passion which includes dyeing. Do you ever open your studio to allow one to see up close and personal your blends of color and use of patterns to augment or fall back and allow the colors to be the showcase? No matter, your blog entries will now have more significant attachment to me. Be well.

    • Sue, thanks for introducing yourself to me. Yes, I put on an Open Studio Day once a month, last Saturday. October’s will be on the 25th from 11:00 to 4:00. You can also contact me to set up a private appointment; I love doing show and tell about my work, how I design, and the entire process of producing unique handwoven textiles. I’ll be sending out an e-mail soon, and will make sure you receive that. Hope to meet you in person before long!

      • Sue Waters

        Thank you very much. I will see what is on my calendar for this weekend-if not able will keep this in my planning for a future trip.

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