Controlling Chaos

P1010643To the uninitiated, this probably looks like an impossible hodge-podge of brightly colored threads.  And indeed, there’s plenty of color, and plenty of fine cotton yarn in there.  As well as Mama’s Little Helper down below.  But all these threads are carefully measured, counted and controlled, ready to be threaded onto the loom.

P1010642Above is most of the warp drawn through the reed, 24 threads per inch.  MLH on the floor, still ready to be of assistance but interested in something across the room.

P1010646Fine black accent threads added in several places; they’ll accentuate the bright rainbow colors.

P1010647All 484 warp threads now pulled through the reed, and loosely tied in overhand knots (more control of potential chaos!), ready to start threading through the heddles tomorrow.  Helper has left the field.  Bored.

P1010649That’s the overnight Chaos Prevention Wrap, a necessity in a household occupied by two active felines.  An old beach towel does the job quite well.

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2 thoughts on “Controlling Chaos

  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Shirley Baker

    oh, these are all yummy colors put together. And the addition of black is a good one. Give the MLH’s a kiss for me.

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