A Month’s Work. Done. Mostly.

This morning I cut off the loom the weaving I’ve been working on for most of the past month.  A little farther down, I’ll show you what they looked like on the loom, in the order in which I wove them.  But as a reminder, here’s what they looked like before I could even think about weaving ~P1010643And then this ~

P1010646There were many hours of threading and winding on of this beautiful warp, made up of four skeins of hand-dyed ringspun cotton accented by narrow stripes of deep black pearl cotton.  All nine of the Designer Towels (aka Art for the Kitchen) were woven with a fine midnight blue cotton; the resulting cloth is soft and fine-textured.  Here they are ~

P1010686P1010676P1010683P1010688P1010693P1010699P1010704P1010707P1010714As you can see, no duplicates.  And most of them don’t look the same on the flip side.

They’re all cut apart, and the hem allowances pinned, ready for hand hemming — so I’ll be spending quite a bit more time with them before they go to their “forever homes”.

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4 thoughts on “A Month’s Work. Done. Mostly.

  1. cheryl schaefer

    How I wish I had your discipline. Your work is superb and these colors are wonderful in combination.

  2. Shirley Baker

    Lovely, just lovely, and I noticed one of your little friends in the first picture just waiting for the fun to begin!


    amazing and gorgeous….love seeing them Anne!

  4. Margaret Elwood

    So beautiful !!

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