Mucking About

Searching online for photos of the kind of swamp I have in mind was unsuccessful, perhaps because what I’m thinking of is the one on the farm I grew up on in Eastern Pennsylvania, one which surely is more properly called a marsh.  Still, it’s hard to let go of a minor obsession, and I’ll probably look further on the interwebs just to (try to) satisfy myself that what I have in mind is something real and not wholly imaginary.

The weaving I’m working on this week bears some resemblance to the mental image ~


This is the earthy, linen/rayon warp I wrote of in my previous post; the colors are tricky, shifting depending on lighting, time of day, angle of regard.  In this piece, I’m weaving with a midnight blue tencel, so there’s a lot of sheen to complicate matters further.

This evening, when I finished weaving the second piece on the warp (with an eggplant-purple tencel), and took the photos after dark, the color problem was still worse.  Or better, depending on your point of view.  (If I knew how to  use photoshop, I’d tweak everything to get it just right, but am not inclined to  learn yet another technology.)

P1010736P1010738Lovely warm color, but much more orangey than the reality; the first set of photos is closer to what my eyes see in natural daylight.

A final bit of fooling around — I work on a computer-assisted loom.  All my patterns are designed on the computer using special design software.  Here’s what the above two patterns look like on the computer screen (and you’ll surely forgive the flash reflections, won’t you?) ~

P1010740P1010731I’m always delighted to see how a precise pattern on the screen becomes something almost mysterious and partially hidden when it’s overlaid on textured multi-colored warps.  And since this series is named Swampflower, that sense of mystery seems wholly appropriate.

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3 thoughts on “Mucking About

  1. Fran Abel

    Good work you ol’ swamp puppy.

  2. Margaret Elwood

    That computer design wizardry boggles the mind. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Jenanne Murphy

    My husband and I used to go birding in a place called Huntley Meadows in Virginia. Here are some pictures: You might also take a look at pictures of Mercer Slough in Bellevue. There is a blueberry farm there that brings in some of the purples

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