Today I spent far too much mental time and energy kicking myself around for being stupid, inattentive, and careless.  Why?  Well you may ask, since if you know me at all those adjectives probably aren’t the first that come to mind when you think of me.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I bonked another car in the (admittedly) crowded post office parking lot this morning.  Backed right into it.  Light damage to vehicles, heavier to my sense of confidence.  Worries about insurance rates jumping, cost of repairs, deductible, yadda yadda yadda.

Then I spent the afternoon with this ~

P1010745A new warp, one I’m in love with.  Five yarns, mostly hand-dyed, for a series of three shawls.  Silk, rayon, cotton.  Gorgeous colors.

P1010743P1010746Those are two views of the first one, and here’s the second ~

P1010751P1010753By the time I was an hour into working on these, I was happy as a pig in clover, with no lingering angst from the morning’s mishap.

And if that hadn’t done it, there’s always this sure-fire spirit-lifter ~


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4 thoughts on “Antidote

  1. Noel

    beautiful choice of colors. You always have such a keen sense of what goes well with each other. With each project you start – I can always see a part of you in them – once they are finished!

  2. Claudia

    As for insurance rates, I’ve discovered they don’t go up unless you’ve had 2 accidents within 2 years of each other. My hubby has accidentally backed into my car twice with his truck – more than just a bit of damage – a lesson learned to never, ever park my car in that same place again, and the knowledge that rates will go back down if no more accidents in 5 years. (Or so I’ve been told by our agent.)

    So glad your good spirits returned.

  3. Shirley Baker

    Aw, heck. I would have felt the same way, but that is just what an accident is- an accident. I do feel your pain though. With my 2007 Altima, I cannot see as well out the back as when I had my 89 Tempo. I am always dreading backing up in it. I think the insurance companies may be in cahoots with the designers of these newer cars! And as Fran said at least no one was hurt. Cats are too, too cute.


  4. Fran Abel

    Sorry about your accident but delighted no one was hurt. With you once again “happy as a pig in clover” I’ll sleep well tonight.

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