Endings — A Postscript

P1010772P1010780P1010791Here’s what the warp itself — before weaving began — looked like ~

P1010766Hand-dyed shades-of-grey bamboo, accented with red and black rayon boucle randomly distributed.  All three scarves woven with tencel.  Finished “hand” is lovely — photos in a few days.

There!!  Big sigh.  Last year’s work and show-and-tell now done.  So relieved.

My warm wishes for a fine, satisfying and interesting year for us all.

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2 thoughts on “Endings — A Postscript

  1. Noel

    So happy I got to see these beauties in the flesh! Your photos really capture the design that is so subtly woven in. I wore one of the scarves you gave me just yesterday – and I always stand a little taller and smile a little bigger when I do. Thank you!!

  2. Martha A Stewart

    Thank you for sending these. They truly lift my spirits. Hopefully one day I can invest in one. Still paying off a new furnace and two kitchen appliances that all died with three days of one another.

    Martha Stewart 202.262.4112

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