Launching the Year

The old year ended well, with a total for the year of 123 yards woven, a new record for me.  That’s despite two months early in the year when I had no output due to the Consolidation Project of combining studio and home after massive divestment of STUFF.  (There’s still a lot; more on that at another time.)  A friend of mine called 2014 The Revolutionary Year, a descriptive phrase that’s not far off the mark.

2015, on the other hand, I’m calling The Consolidation Year, during which my plan (duly written down as always and reviewed with Anne Belov as always) calls for continued production of new weaving at an average rate of ten yards per month.  (Lots of other things in the  plan as well, on which more some other time.)

So here’s what I’m kicking off the year with ~

P1010795P1010796That’s two views from the back of the loom of a hand-painted tencel warp with a rayon boucle accent put in randomly — ready to weave.

P1010800P1010801Those are from one section of the first scarf (the weft yarn is a fine blue-purple tencel).  Here’s another section; you can see how the hand-painting results in colors shifting along the length of the warp.

P1010803The backside of the scarf looks quite different ~

P1010811P1010809The second scarf is now finished as well (there will be three) ~

P1010812P1010814The weft for this one is a red-purple tencel, and the pattern is much longer and more elaborate.  Then here’s another section ~

P1010817P1010819I love this series!  So lively and shiny, variable and interesting.  It’s named Heat Wave.

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4 thoughts on “Launching the Year

  1. Shirley Baker

    Love this color combo. Just beautiful for this time of year!

  2. dell6

    All three are outstanding examples of your artistic sense of color & design. I love the subtlety of the design of the third one. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year!

  3. Margaret Elwood

    Seeing your work makes me want the satisfaction of starting another rug. Beautiful.

  4. Fran Abel

    Heat wave. Yes! Just what we need in this cold, wet winter weather. It must be delightful to be warm and cozy working on heat wave. Beautiful!

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