The last of the previous (Heat Wave) series of scarves, then still on the loom ~

P1010824A pale portion of the hand-painted tencel warp, where the weft yarn (also tencel) patterning shows clearly.  And here it is, up close ~

P1010825Those three scarves are finished, washed, dried, ironed and ready for their formal portraits.

The next warp is on the loom, ready to begin weaving.  It’s another hand-painted warp, bamboo and considerably longer, which will produce four scarves.  I’m calling the series Joseph’s Coat.

P1010831Lots of wonderful colors, shifting smoothly from one to the next, which will play out in the scarves in interesting somewhat unpredictable ways.

Here’s a shot from the back of the loom of a portion of the warp, where you can see how a couple of the colors transition.

P1010834I’m excited to start the weaving tomorrow.

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One thought on “Ending/Beginning

  1. creativitywakeup

    Yo, Anne, Heat wave, indeed. You are Hot. Best, Diane


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