When last I wrote, a new warp was awaiting my shuttle to make it come alive.  It had to wait several days, as Life Intervened.  Now it’s making good progress.  Did I say that this series of four scarves is called Joseph’s Coat?  The further I go, the more clear it becomes that this name is entirely appropriate.

The first scarf, woven with a warm golden brown bamboo and a nifty pattern ~

P1010840P1010841P1010843P1010848Those are different sections and angles on the first scarf, not to bore you but to show how the base color changes and interacts in interesting ways with the weft yarn.

Here are several areas of the second one, woven with a greyed teal tencel and a markedly different pattern ~

P1010849P1010850P1010854P1010856In the last one, the underlying color is a soft brick-red, but the effect when the weft interlaces with it turns the shading to a kind of purple.  Fascinating!  Standard color theory doesn’t necessarily hold true in woven textiles, as I’ve learned over and over down through the years.

Two more of this group still to be done.  What surprises lie ahead?

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One thought on “Surprising

  1. Shirley Baker

    These are gorgeous. I am celebrating the artist in you!


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