The Garden in Winter

This will be a photo-heavy, words-light post, with a cautionary note to those readers buried under vast swathes and heaps of that cold white stuff.  If the very idea of green grass and flowers makes you groan, look at this another time.  Or consider it a ray of hope in your otherwise frigid universe.

These pictures were all taken today (16 February 2015) in my garden, in the middle of the day.  Keep in mind that this is the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and we’ve had a very “soft” winter so far . . . .

P1010890P1010895P1010899P1010898P1010901P1010902P1010906P1010908P1010914P1010920P1010923P1010929P1010931P1010933P1010934P1010939That last is the steps to my front door.  My first Open Studio of 2015 will be March 14; this is the warmth of the welcome you’ll receive if you come!

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3 thoughts on “The Garden in Winter

  1. Stephen Fennessy Freeland

    Love those Hellebores!

  2. Shirley Baker

    Oh, I loved seeing these garden photos. Amazing at this time of year. And the primroses are a nice touch for your studio tour. We are back March 13th, so doubt that I will be able to come but will be thinking of you.


  3. Martha A Stewart

    Really great message even though I’m nearby. Thank you.

    Martha Stewart


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