Crushed Grapes

Now underway is the next series of work, started a bit more than a week ago.

P1010966P1010968The first two photos are of the warp chains ready to be carefully threaded onto the loom.

Both are 50/50 linen/cotton, 484 threads in all, two-thirds of them purple.  The entire warp is 10.25 yards long.


It always seems a surprise that the process takes the warp threads from neat and controlled, to (apparently) confused and messy, and then to genuinely controlled, evenly spaced and threaded.

P1010971You can now see the stripe sequence that I worked out.  Unfortunately, because I miscounted at the outset, the overall striping is actually slightly off-center and asymmetrical.  So, naturally, it’s not a mistake.  It’s a Design Feature!

P1010973The first three pieces (out of nine) are already woven.  The following sequence of photos shows two angles on each of them ~

P1010976P1010977P1010978P1010979P1010984P1010987The precise linear geometry of the patterning is quite striking, and is somewhat softened by the underlying striping, which does not acquiesce with the pattern overlay.  An interesting juxtaposition.

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