Done . . . . Is Beautiful

There are so many judgements out in the world as to what is right, what is true, what is beautiful.  And those of us who are Makers frequently grapple with questions of whether what we’ve done is Art or Craft, good or bad, mediocre or stellar.  I submit that it doesn’t matter what we call it (whatever “it” is); what matters is that we have made something never before made, something unrepeatable.

And, as my friend Larkin Van Horn has said many times in classes she teaches: “Done is beautiful.”  Case in point . . . .

Last time, I showed you the first three of the Grape Crush series of kitchen towels.  Here are the rest.  Ready to be hand-hemmed, then washed, dried and ironed.  Done.  Beautiful.

#4 ~







#5 ~







#6 ~







#7 ~







#8 ~







#9 ~







And that’s the lot.  Something new begins tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Done . . . . Is Beautiful

  1. Margaret Elwood


  2. Shirley Baker

    Done is beautiful! I shall remember this. Well done, Anne.


  3. Indeed they are (both beautiful, and done)! I imagine the process too must be beautiful for the result to be such :^)

  4. I love both your beautiful work and your beautiful words. Makes me miss you, very much!

  5. I keep trying to post a comment, but wordpress doesn’t like me!!! So, here it is. Your words are beautiful and your work in beautiful! Both make me miss you very much! Love you. Fran

    Sent from my iPad


  6. cheryl schaefer

    And beautifully done by my beautiful friend. Love you, Cheryl

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