Corydalis and Cyclamen

. . . . and Chionodoxa.  Lovely harbingers of Spring.  Exquisite small flowers in colors ranging from subtle to smashing.  All of them in my garden, some (Cyclamen particularly) already done blooming.  P1010899When I decided a week ago to weave off a 13.5-yard warp hand-painted by Blazing Shuttles, I realized that it exemplifies the colors of a clear Spring day right here ~

P1020011This will turn into a series of five very soft long scarves, perfect for this time of year.  Or any time, for that matter.

IMG_0003That’s one section of the first scarf; the colors in the warp keep blending one into another, so nothing stays the same.  As you can see in the following pictures ~IMG_0006




Oh!  and I had help.




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2 thoughts on “Corydalis and Cyclamen

  1. Shirley Baker

    Pretty colors! And how cute is that cat!


  2. cheryl schaefer

    Nice of you to share your beautiful scarves with the cat. The first picture in which she appears, I wasn’t sure what “it” was. She looked like a naked chicken. Must send you pix of my cat wall, Nothing in bloom here, yet. First to blooming are still under snow. Love, C

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