My recollection is that I intended to show some of the professional photographs that Michael Stadler took of finished work from earlier this year.  Finally, I’m remembering to do that.  Today you get few words, and plenty of pictures, each one worth a myriad of words.

The “Where There’s Smoke” series ~

IMG_9385IMG_9410IMG_9411The “Ripe” series ~

IMG_9444IMG_9431IMG_9447IMG_9483The “Joseph’s Coat” series ~

IMG_9567IMG_9577IMG_9499IMG_9502IMG_9521IMG_9555IMG_9592I’m in love.

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7 thoughts on “Reprise

  1. I keep trying to enter comments on your blog but WordPress won’t let me, despite all attempts to update password, etc., etc. But, my comment is: Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Your work leaves me speechless! xf

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  2. Shirley Baker

    gorgeous colors all of them. Beautifully done, Anne


  3. Ellen Grenier Bevill

    These are just stunning!!!

  4. Betsy Davenport

    And, where is the green-yellow-brown series?

    • In fact, Betsy, the green part is on the loom now, ready to start weaving today. Photos next week. Watch this space . . . .

  5. Betsy Davenport

    Makes me drunk, all that rich beautiful color. I want all of them. Now.

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