Spring is Sprung

The luxuriant colors and textures of my garden just now are breathtaking.  Each year, the first week or two of May is when everything is at its lushest and loveliest.  Proof positive ~

P1020197P1020196P1020199P1020200Those are all vignettes on or near the front entrance to the house.  You may be able to see a color theme in play.  Here’s more ~

P1020203P1020204P1020210P1020211P1020207Given all that just outside my windows — and considerably more besides — it was a peculiar surprise yesterday when I realized that the weaving I’m doing right now fits right in with the theme.  Titled “Vernal”, this series of scarves is composed of a yellow-green fine tencel warp, and each of the four scarves is being woven with a different color of fine tencel in some very complex, nearly textural, patterns.  (Note:  the color in some of the following photos is off — gold rather than the nice yellow-green.)

First one ~

P1020178P1020182Second one ~

P1020191P1020194Third one ~

P1020219P1020218P1020222There will be one more, woven with a dark teal, which will probably be the most dramatic of the bunch.  You can see it in process at my Open Studio on Saturday, May 9.  You can also visit the garden; I’ve ordered up a perfect Spring day for you.

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One thought on “Spring is Sprung

  1. Ah, wouldn’t it be lovely to share a cup of tea in your lush surroundings! As always, beautiful work, Anne.

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