Odds and Ends

. . . . or, more properly, endings and beginnings, with oddities thrown in for good measure.

In my last post, I wrote about the “Vernal” series of scarves, and showed photos of the first three.  They’re all done now, and off the loom, awaiting a good washing tomorrow before par-drying outside in the sunshine and then a good firm ironing.  Here are a few looks at the fourth one ~

P1020224P1020226P1020228Words don’t begin to describe how dramatic and bold this one is.

For some time, I’ve been developing the design ideas for the next run of Designer Kitchen Towels (aka Art for the Kitchen), the Spring series.  I knew its name — Sunshower Series — but had the damndest time getting a clear mental picture of the layout of the warp (lengthwise) threads.  Here’s what I was going to work with ~

P1020238Two 10.5-yard warp chains of soft hand-dyed ringspun cotton, plus the cone (in the foreground) of twice-as-thick deep forest green pearl cotton as an accent.  (Pearl cotton is a double-mercerized, tightly-spun cotton with plenty of luster and strength.)  The cone in the background a much finer pearl cotton in a lighter shade of forest green, to be used as the weft (crossing) yarn in all ten (yes, ten!) towels.  Here’s one of the warp chains neatly coiled so the color interactions show well ~

P1020247I had the idea to play with both symmetry and asymmetry as a design feature, but was unable to work out the details in my head or on scratch paper.  Finally, a week ago, I went to my loom-dedicated computer and using the design software, painstakingly laid out the entire 457-thread warp width, with each of the accent threads positioned in a particular relation to the threading sequence I’d already designed.  Took quite a while.  A happy while.

Today, I spent some hours at the loom (in chunks — the rock-maple loom bench is hard on the tush!) and got the entire warp pulled through the reed (the part of the loom that enables the weaver to evenly space the threads across the width).

Here’s the first stage, Warp Chain A partly in ~

P1020248P1020250That’s how I secured the part not yet dealt with — painter’s tape.  Then I added all of Warp Chain B ~

P1020253You notice there are spaces left along the way?  Remember the accent yarn?  This entire process required really careful counting to be sure that the spaces were precisely where I’d planned them to be ~

P1020259A longer view ~

P1020260And finally, all buttoned up for the night, effectively kitty-proofed ~

P1020261A good afternoon’s work.

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