Sunshower Introduction

Last week, I ended by showing the towel-wrapped bundle of warp threads on the front of the loom.  Today, after a number of hours completing the winding-on of the ten-and-a-half-yard-long warp, I’m well into the weaving process.  First, a look at the warp as it wound on before it was under tension ~ P1020311You can see the three bands of color — the side sections are the same as each other (80 threads on one side, 120 on the other), while the middle section (200 threads) is the same colors but not in precisely the same sequence.  Asymmetry.  My great love as a design element. P1020319That’s looking at the back of the loom; I wind on a series of grass beach mats between the layers of taut warp threads, which helps keep the warp tension even and prevents tangling of layers with each other. Without further ado, here are glimpses of the first three of the Sunshower Designer Towel Series.  You can see the symmetry of the dark forest green accent threads laid into the asymmetry of the hand-dyed rainbow background. Number 1 ~ P1020320P1020322P1020324P1020327Number 2 ~ P1020328P1020330P1020335Number 3 ~ P1020344P1020340P1020342The streaks on the last three shots are evidence of the late-afternoon sunlight falling across the weaving, so bright that the camera flash couldn’t neutralize it. The First Dibs Program is in effect on this group of work.  If you’re interested in seeing these before I make them available to the general public, please let me know.  Two people are on the list now, and I’m glad to add others in the order in which they contact me.  Keep in mind that there will be ten in this series, and no duplicates, so plenty of choices.  I expect to have them all completed by this time next week, so then you’ll be able to see them all. In case you’re wondering, I’m pleased.  My favorite so far is the first one.

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5 thoughts on “Sunshower Introduction

  1. lasweave

    Please add me to your first dibs list!

  2. laurieduxbury

    Absolutely gorgeous, Anne. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such purely luscious eye candy on my screen! Thank you.

  4. Anne, I just LOVE these brights along with your subtle designs! What is your pricing? I may want to get on the First Dibs list :^)

  5. Margaret

    Everyone here in Paris wants one!

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