Not Just A Pretty Face

Just because something is beautiful is no reason for it not to be a functional workhorse.  What you’ll see below is a case in point.  Those who own the predecessors of these lovelies swear by their ability to perform the expected duties of kitchen towels.

Here are the rest of the Sunshower Designer Towels, my Spring series.  They came off the loom today, and are being prepared for hand hemming.   (The Summer series will be available around the end of July.)

#4 ~

P1020345P1020346#5 ~

P1020355P1020356#6 ~

P1020359P1020362#7 ~

P1020365P1020366#8 ~

P1020370P1020369#9 ~

P1020371P1020375#10 ~

P1020383P1020379To say that I’m pleased with these would be a gross understatement, so I’ll tell it straight — I’m over the moon.

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6 thoughts on “Not Just A Pretty Face

  1. stunning!

  2. Any left for purchase? 🙂

  3. Over the Moon along with you!

  4. Margaret

    As well you should be!


    so so lovely….:-)

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