All That Glitters

Introducing the new series of gooshy (that’s a technical term) scarves now in process on my loom.  We begin with the yarns themselves ~

P1020404Two hand-dyed yarns, the textured rayon from Blazing Shuttles in North Carolina, and the cable-plied silk from The Drop Spindle in California.  It’s rare that I combine yarns from two different dyers in the same warp — generally the colors don’t work together due to the use of different dyestuffs.  This was a serendipitous combination I’ve been saving up for some time.  Plenty of color action, and a nice interplay of textures.

Next up, a section of the warp, now under tension, at the back of the loom.  It’s easier here to see the arrangement of the threads.

P1020413What’s still difficult to see (but trust me on this) is that the number of threads in each section is a prime number.  A bit tricky to work it out, and to have the overall layout be axially symmetrical, but the results are worth the effort.

The weaving itself is going smoothly and quickly, in part because this is (for me) a very narrow warp — 8.5 inches wide — so the distance I have to throw the shuttle on each  pass is pretty short and therefore speedy.

P1020428This is looking from the front of the loom toward the back before actual weaving started.  That white cord lashing the warp bundles to the stainless steel rod enables me to easily adjust the tension across the warp before beginning.  Even tension is essential to a good final product.

P1020429And looking from the back toward the front.  Those dangling three-ounce fishing weights are attached to the floating selvage threads; this subtle trick helps to ensure firm even edges to the woven cloth.

P1020444The first scarf, woven with a caramel tan fine tencel that will add another layer of luster and shimmer to the finished piece.  There will be two more scarves from this warp, one woven with a fine hand-dyed gold silk, and one with another fine tencel in a deep rust.  They’ll all end up at about 8 inches by 72 inches, plus some nice drippy fringe.  Soft and lightweight — perfect for cool summer evenings or early autumn afternoons.

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One thought on “All That Glitters

  1. what does gooshy technically mean when it comes to scarves?

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