As the second (or is it the third?) heat wave of the year holds the Pacific Northwest in thrall, my work at the loom is proceeding nicely.  It’s the summer Designer Towel series, appropriately named “In The Garden”.  It began with a lively hand-dyed yarn from Blazing Shuttles, to which I added three accent yarns.  Here’s how the set-up went:

First, getting the yarns onto the loom.  I began with the hand-dyed warp, 400 threads spread evenly across twenty inches, but leaving spaces for the other warp threads ~

P1020586P1020588P1020598Here’s a shot of the design on the computer screen, with all the accent stripes laid out precisely where I want them located in relation to the pattern I had designed ~

P1020598(1)Then came the slow and patient (and some not-so-patient) time spent at winding on this 10.5-yard warp ~

P1020612and at the back of the loom, the full array of warp threads lies smooth and taut when the job is done ~

P1020616Once the weaving began, interesting things happened fairly quickly.  As of this evening, the first four (of a total of nine) are finished.  Here they are, with a long view and a close-up of each one.  (Keep in mind that the colors shift and flow along the length of the warp, so each separate towel has areas of different colors.) ~

#1 ~

P1020617P1020618#2 ~

P1020642P1020641#3 ~

P1020650P1020647#4 ~

P1020660P1020661All nine of this group are being woven with a fine pearl cotton weft yarn in a clear jade green, and each one — as is my perpetual practice — will have a different pattern.  Once hand hemmed, machine washed and dried, and ironed, they will finish out at about 18 inches by 27 inches.  Durable, functional and beautiful, they will last for years, embellishing kitchens and making  light work of drying dishes and hands.

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2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Mead Powers

    Wow! Anne- You inspire me to get all the distractions in my life put away and get focused on creation. Your are WEAVING amazing things and I am in a conundrum web. I’m proud of you and will figure out some way to visit. Now I am sailing every chance I get You are welcome to visit for a sail? Buster Sent from my iPhone


  2. amax909

    Planning to call tonight between 10-10:15. Assuming ok if I don’t hear from you. Always glad to see your weavewright posts.

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