Cooldown Ahead

As we slog through another, shorter heat wave here in the Maritime Northwest, with cooler weather a day or two off, it’s a pleasure to lay low and enjoy the fruits of my labors on the loom.  Not in the garden.

The series of nine designer towels is finished, off the loom, and all pinned and ready to hand hem.  They’re interesting, unusual, and no two alike, as the patterns in each are unique as is the flow of colors due to the hand-dyed yarn.  Here they are, numbered in sequence (following on from the ones I showed in my last post) ~

#5 ~

P1020668P1020671P1020687#6 ~

P1020696P1020704P1020708#7 ~

P1020717P1020719P1020721#8 ~

P1020725P1020734P1020746#9 ~

P1020756P1020766P1020767If you’re interested in purchasing one of these, please contact me.  The folks on the First Dibs list are choosing in sequence, but there will be at least four available when they’re done.

Next up, now in warp preparation mode, is “Tropical Waters” — a series of four lightweight scarves with wonderful colors and elaborate patterning.  Here’s a sneak preview ~

P1020785P1020786That’s a very fine hand-dyed rayon as the main event, with slippery turquoise rayon and a thick/thin deep purple rayon for random accents across the width.  They’re going to be positively drippy.

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One thought on “Cooldown Ahead

  1. Shirley Baker

    These turned out fabulous. Absolutely gorgeous Anne.


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