Going on Walkabout

This morning, I took a walk in the fog around my garden.  Here’s some of what I saw; come along with me.

P1020937P1020938Fern-Leaf Full Moon Maple leaf on Fuchsia ‘Blackie’ still blooming.

P1020939Maple  on bamboo

P1020947Acer palmatum against Acer palmatum ‘Shishigashira’

P1020948P1020952P1020957P1020958Parrotia persica and Vivax bamboo, with weed

P1020960Parrotia persica and Cotinus obovatus ‘Grace’

P1020961Cornus ‘Wolf Eyes’ and Acer palmatum ‘Viridis’ (at its peak)

P1020962P1020963Looking back at ‘Viridis’ and ‘Wolf Eyes’

P1020965Acer palmatus ‘Beni Kawa’ (left) and Acer p. ‘Trompenburg’ (right)

P1020967P1020971The west maple border, not yet colored up.  Soon, I promise.  We’ll walk again when it’s gone red and gold.

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3 thoughts on “Going on Walkabout

  1. Shirley Baker

    Beautiful fall color. Canadians spell color -colour. Weird, right? lol.


  2. dell6

    Oh my, what a peaceful garden, filled with mother nature’s glory! I would love to stroll through that beauty with you one day!

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