At Last

Three months since I last wrote, knowing time was drifting past me, yet reluctant to sit for long at the computer.  It really is Spring at last, lush and intensely green.  My garden is a glory, its best time of year.  Only a couple of hints in these photos; the rest of the new ones are in the process of migrating to the cloud (wherever that is!).  Proof that the wild ones like it here too ~



Every winter, I think I’m going to get heaps of new work completed; in fact, that used to be the case.  But this year, like the last few, I set myself up with more complex work than usual, so in fact it goes slower than I anticipate.  Images below are from the Aurora series of scarves, with two hand-dyed yarns in the warp and elaborate patterning.  (In the interest of keeping this short, I’m holding back on showing photos of additional work in progress.  Next time!)



Three sections of the same scarf below. Lots of color changes in the hand-dyed yarn.  Hence “Aurora”.




I’ll be back soon.  I promise. Lots more to show you.




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5 thoughts on “At Last

  1. Cynthia Lazzaretti

    Finally got time to look at this, WOW! You have such bold patterns here, go girl!
    Thanks for sharing too!
    Kind Regards, Cynthia

  2. Shirley Baker

    Beautiful garden colors Anne. Love that deer too! We are having our apt. reno’d and so we are not living there right now. Staying at an air b&b. Won’t be in till late June. Love you and miss you.


  3. Mary Jane Sarbaugh

    So beautiful!


  4. Margaret Elwood

    Lovely, both indoors and out!!!

  5. Margaret Elwood

    Lovely, both indoors and out!!!

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