Showing Up

I haven’t, as you may have noticed.  Not sure why, other than a lot of distraction and “noise” in the wider world. And in my own head.

Today there is snow on the ground, only a little bit outside my window, but many inches both north and south of me on the Island.  I envy the many inches folks. It’s cold too, so staying indoors (except for going out to refill bird feeders) makes me happy.  I’m definitely less hardy than I used to be.

2019 was a good garden year, and moderately productive at the loom.  Here are a few glimpses ~





That last one is a rose, in case you’re puzzled, and the white flowers are a special variety of Philadelphus (mock orange). Intensely fragrant.

I’ll wait a few days to show you some professional photos of recent work, and a few process photos of current work on the looms.  (So that’s a promise, which requires that I follow through!)


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2 thoughts on “Showing Up

  1. Yvonne Madsen

    So glad to receive your post! I just discovered your blog last year, and was hoping all was well. You do wonderful work, both gardening and at the loom!
    Yvonne in Bellingham WA

  2. Margaret L Elwood

    Thank you, my friend. I’ve been missing you sorely, though I always see your birds and other posts online.

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