In a Time of Plague

It’s a strange time; I doubt that anyone would disagree with that assessment.  The contrast between this drastically altered way of life with the burgeoning of Spring’s beauty all around is difficult to absorb.  Much less make sense out of.  I think it’s not something we can understand in any logical or rational fashion; we must simply move through the days in the best ways we can fashion for ourselves.


I am fortunate.  I’m an artist.  I live and work alone, and have for some years.  This sequestration is not generally hard on me, or difficult to tolerate.  What’s disconcerting is not spending time with friends, long conversations over breakfast or lunch, warm hugs in greeting and farewell, the sense of connection as eyes meet and hold, the pleasure of shared laughter.  I miss that acutely on some days. Spending increased hours on the phone somewhat allays the desire to be together, but leaves me only partially satisfied. As a long-ago friend would say: “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye”. 20170606_103842

The garden is exceptionally lush and beautiful this year, though it’s been a relatively dry Spring.  It reminds me many times a day of the reality of the world outside these walls, standing juxtaposed beside the anguish and confusion of the world-wide situation of disease and turmoil.  It also brings my thoughts to the heartening truth of deep human care and connection in the face of terror and death, another element of the reality in this  world.





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4 thoughts on “In a Time of Plague

  1. Dori

    As always, beautiful garden! Our trees here are just starting to show life. Hard to believe only 2 hours distance! Can’t wait to see you again my friend, and to meet your new loom!

  2. Susan Kane

    Your garden is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I tend to get caught up in the collective sorrow and I really enjoyed the respite you gave us. Be safe and Be well !

  3. Yvonne Madsen

    Thank you for your wonderful perspective. We are all in this together, even though apart. I’m finding more weaving time in the day, which is a plus for me. I am very grateful for email. Take care of yourself.
    Yvonne in Bellingham

  4. Margaret Elwood

    My Dear,

    I like your thoughts expressed in these words. Do you ever use video calls, which can simulate face to face conversation? I use Zoom, a free conference computer app, for teaching my violin students. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Would love to chat you up that way.

    Mwah 💋,


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