One week ago, this is what I saw when I looked out my windows ~

That’s a portion of my front garden, after moderate snowfall all night Friday and much of Saturday. The birdfeeders (which, knowing that snow was coming, I had filled the day before) were exceptionally busy all day. It snowed much of the day, and into the night. Sunday morning it continued to snow, even as the temperature began slowly rising. In the end, I got about five inches; other parts of the Island accumulated a foot or so. The garden was stunning.

By Tuesday morning, thanks to warmer temperatures and persistent rain, it was all gone, and the garden was back to the winter doldrums. After last winter’s complete lack of cold and snow, I’m glad we had this brief, heart-lifting respite from rain and gloom.

And then there was this ~

Yearlings snacking at the bird feeders. The white one was born in this neighborhood, and visits my garden quite frequently. She’s not pure white, more a soft buff with a light brown tail, the result of two parents both carrying a recessive gene for whiteness. My neighbors consider her “my” deer. Who am I to quarrel with that?

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4 thoughts on “White

  1. Yvonne

    I love this time of year, snow and all! We had 8.5″ in Bellingham. The last few patches disappeared yesterday. The challenge here was keeping up with frozen hummingbird feeders. Fortunately, our local wild bird store had heaters in stock. Good weaving days!

  2. susnkane@msn.com

    Thank you for sharing your lovely yard and your deer! I enjoyed it very much.

  3. Marya Bolyanatz

    Your yard is beautiful. How fun to see those little ones!

  4. Margaret Elwood



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